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About me

I have been in and out of East Africa since 1989. I first went there to visit my girlfriend who was working for an NGO (Non-Government Organization), and then returned to work in Africa myself. Working in the telecommunications field for a British company for a couple years, I then started working for humanitarian relief agencies like IRC (International Rescue Committee). 

With IRC I was posted to Bardera, Somalia, as the administrator - and then just after the genocide in Rwanda I was promoted to Team Leader and transferred to Cyangugu, in the southwest of Rwanda on the Zaire and Burundi borders. 

Recently I ended a 16 month contract with VSF-Belgium (Veterinaires Sans Frontiers, or Vets Without Borders), where I was based in Nairobi, and traveled to Lokichoggio in northern Kenya, and south Sudan, in the position of Logistic Program Coordinator. 

I have now worked in three war zones. In all of the places that I worked and traveled I always inquired as to the local art; no matter how dire the circumstances, there were people that would seek me out to show their wares. I am constantly amazed at how creativity and imagination cannot be suppressed even in the context of war, and man's inhumanity towards their brothers.

Todd Schaffer in his home in Nairobi, Kenya My flat in Nairobi, Kenya. Obviously, I'm a big fan of African art! My friends come over just to see what spectacles I have collected recently. You can see most of these works in the pages of this website. There is no problem bringing African art home with you.

Todd Schaffer In Cyangugu, Rwanda In Rwanda when I was working for IRC (International Rescue Committee) soon after the genocide. Behind me is the south end of Lake Kivu and across that bridge is (was) Zaire - now the DRC. I look a bit rough, but it was rough there at the time. Side arms were optional.

Todd Schaffer signing autographs for book illustrations Signing a book in which I did the illustrations:I'm quite proud of this cover!

The original cover, left, looks different than it does now. I think it's in its third printing. The new cover features my illustrations.

If you would like to see the books that I've illustrated, and even order them, click the on the book at right: 

Todd's wife!

My pregnant wife! Me and my nephew Sam staring at her ever-increasing belly!

Two years eight months - you DO NOT want to mess with this kid!

Another year goes by

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I hope you enjoy the website! If you have any comments or suggestions please use the Feedback Page, or feel free to contact me personally using the information below.

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