Noel Kapanda – The Real George Lilanga?


This picture of Noel Kipanda was taken in 2009. Noel Kapanda kept these paintings for memory. They were painted short after Lilanga´s death. It feels as if he was “hiding” the paintings and the truth about the history of one of most famous African painters.

It is now established that George Lilanga did not paint even a single painting. The man who created the great art is Noel Kapanda. He was the right hand of George Lilanga. He even traveled with George Lilanga to Japan where he used to paint when George Lilanga was asked by the Japanese host. Actually the Japanese later discovered that George Lilanga couldn´t paint at all.

Also Noel Kapanda told stories about how Lilanga used to “escape” whenever any art dealer was about to visit his´s studio. Actually Noel Kapanda worked in Lilanga´s studio every day for the period of 6-8 years. Noel Kapanda was also a teacher. He taught for example Hendrick Lilanga how to paint Lilanga art. All the earlier works are painted by Noel Kapanda. Noel Kapanda has said that he tried to teach George Lilanga, but he failed again and again.

See paintings by Noel Kapanda
See paintings of the grandson of George Lilanga, Henrick Lilanga

Article from my friend Daniel Augusta at The ultimate TingaTinga resource.

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