Inside African Art - Artists Page - - A Comprehensive list of the artists represented on this website

Welcome to the Inside African Art Artists Page – Over 100 Artists are represented! Below, in no special order, is a sample of some of the artist’s paintings, and a link to their page. Have a look!

TingaTinga 1

As vibrant as they are beautiful! Original art from Tanzania.

TingaTinga 2

So many original TingaTingas, I had to create two pages!

Willie Wamuti

Characterized people in stylized settings - interesting!

Wycliffe Ndwiga

Lovely wildlife paintings in pristine landscapes. Very talented.

Joel Ngoko

He eats, sleeps and observes - with the animals - and then paints!

John Ndambo

Abstract Maasai life spanning characters and landscapes.

Joseph Juma

Fun, creative and lively, he paints with his own style. Unique!

Joseph Thiongo

One of the best water color artists in East Africa - stunning!

Ndichu Njuguna

His own style of portraying life in Africa - totally unique!

N'gan'ga Ndeveni

Brillinat artist of wildlife and landscape. Unequaled.

Noel Kapanda

Fantastic TingaTinga artist and one of the founders of the Tingatinga school.

Ole Kolii Paul

One of the very few Maasai artists - a unique perspective.

Al Amir Hussein

Coastal look and feel with a Swahili and Arabic cultural mix

Albert Lizah

Beautifully small, highly detailed Maasai life, and landscapes

Andrew Kamondia

A light touch of African life with wonderful surreal colors

Anne Berenge

Wonderfully creative artists using multiple techniques and media

Ash Uman

One of the best surreal artist in East Africa. Wildly creative.

Chain Muhandi

Abstract, surreal - bold and wonderful! For those with a unique taste.

Cyprian Ogambi

Serene Maasai life with a relaxed tone and easy colors

Daudi TingaTinga

Taaught by the master with the same inherent skills. Beautiful.

David Michuki

Fantastic realistic wildlife and landscapes. A keen eye.

Elisha Ongere

Unique and bold - very creative and thoughtful - using oils.

Eric Tournaire

Multi-media artist with a unique style and creative palette

Geoffre Mugwe

Not enough can be said about the incredible wildlife artist

Henrick Lilanga

Incredibly popular abstract artist from Tanzanian. He created an entire school of art with his style 

Jane Wanjeri

Extremely talented wildlife and landscape artist. Fantastic use of light.

Jared Njuguna

Self-taught artist of many genres - both realistic and abstract.

Jeff Wambugu

Surreal with some realism using a wonderful color palette

Kipara Mzuguno

Incredible TingaTinga artist with a style all his own - and he's barely 20!

Kelvin Malack

Small but very detailed of paintings of Maasai life and landscapes.

Martin Bulinya

Wonderfully prolific and among the most talented in many genres.

Moses Wanyuki

Wonderful stylized Maasai warriors, beautiful backgrounds too.

Omari Idi

For the ornithologists - intense observation, perfect detail.

See Omari Idi's Paintings

Patrick Kinuthia

Fantastic watercolors of people and wildlife. Very beautiful.

See Kinuthia's Paintings

Peter Mbugua

Wonderfully colorful and creative with bold colors.

See Mbugua's Paintings

Raham Shangala

Absolutely unique and bizzarely interesting - wow.

See Raham's Paintings

Richard Kimbo

Making Batiks for 40 years, he's the master - and a living legend!

See Kimbo's Paintings

Richard Wasike

Light-touch water colors of Maasai life and landscapes.

See Wasike's Paintings

Robert Aswani

Beyond beautiful. Beyond creative. He sets the pace for many genres.

See Robert's Paintings

Samuel Njeru

Sedate life on the Maasai plains with people and animals.

See Njeru's Paintings

Sarah Shiundu

Mixed media - her life reflected in her wondrous art and unique style.

See Sarah's Paintings

Stephen Mbatia

Watercolor and ink he creates dynamic images of wildlife and African life

See Mbatia's Paintings


Incredibly beautiful and glowing silk thread artwork from Ghana. 

See Yeb's Silk Thread Art


Beautiful and creative incorporating eggshells!

See Zack's Paintings

Daniel Kinyanjui

Abstract animals and people in soft acrylics, lovely.

See Kinyanjui's Paintings

Fred Aila

He calls himself an 'African Cultural Artists', and it's true!

See Fred's drawings


Very interesting and fairly bizarre - unique talent.

See Houses's Paintings


Takes a certain taste, but I like his style. Different.

See Njogu's Paintings

Shine Tani

The lead artists at Banana Hill, he's a one of a kind artist.

See Shine's Paintings

Simon Muriithi

A Banana Hill artist, in abstract surrealism, very skilled at oil painting.

See Muriithi's Paintings

George Obanda

100% pencil drawing of animals and people - very detailed.

See Obanda's Drawings

Random Artists

The catch-all! Wonderful paintings by artists who deserve to be recognized!

See the Paintings!

John Maina

Simple (and cheap), Maina captures Africa in his own way.

See Maina's Paintings

Blue Rhino Maps

Incredible 'old style' graphically enhanced maps of nine African countries.

See the Maps!

African Batiks

Rich vibrant color on high quality textile set these batiks apart!

See the Batiks!

Banana Hill Artists

An 'artist retreat', many wonderful artists paint from these studios.

Go to the Hill!