Ng’ang’a Ndeveni Mural

I met with Ng’ang’a Ndeveni in January to purchase some paintings and just catch up with my old friend. We had a nice lunch together and talked about some of the paintings he brought for me.

As we were winding down, I remembered something that my father-in-law had mentioned to me as we were sitting around at his house upcountry, on the foothills of Mount Kenya. He lamented that as he was designing his house, he didn’t think to put a window in a certain wall so that he might have a view of Mt. Kenya as he was relaxing in his sitting room… that stuck with me.

I mentioned this to Ndeveni, wondering what would be involved in painting a mural on that wall so that my wife’s father might be able to see the mountain. Ndeveni lit up! He said right away that it could be done and he would enjoy the challenge! After negotiating a very realistic price and explaining where the house was, we firmed up the deal – and here’s what happened: (click on the first image to see them all, and read the captions).

See Ng’ang’a Ndeveni’s paintings here


The results far exceeded my wildest dreams! The passion and effort that Ndeveni put into painting this 8′ x 8′ wall was extraordinary and beyond impressive. And he can do this for you! If you are in Kenya and would like a mural like this, or with a subject of your choosing, contact me and we’ll get it going for you!

See Ng’ang’a Ndeveni’s paintings here