Yeb Silk Art from Ghana - Have Yeb Make a Silk Thread Artwork Just for You!

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I started marketing and promoting the artwork of Yeb about five years ago on my website Inside African Art – it was a hit! After sending nearly 200 silk thread artworks all across the country, I decided to devote a website specifically to the marketing and promotion of Yeb’s incredible silk thread artwork.

I have done the research; there are few websites that sell silk thread art from Ghana. Some of them are pretty nice, nearly all of them are much more expensive, and none of them offer the selection and ‘direct-connection’ with the artists providing you with the opportunity to have an original silk thread artwork made just for you!

From Emmanuel and Gloria Yeboah:

I am Yeb. Thank you for visiting this webpage, dedicated to our craft. It takes anywhere from 2 to 5 days to complete a single piece of silk thread artwork – no two are the same! I would be happy to make one for you! Please see the artworks below to choose the art you would like for me to make you!

Yeb working on an original silk thread artwork

Yeb working on an original silk thread artwork

Yeb's wife Gloria and their son Solomon also assist in fulfilling orders

Yeb’s wife Gloria and their son Solomon also assist in fulfilling orders

My wife, Gloria Yeboah, is also very involved with the making of our silk thread artworks. Her fingers are smaller so she does much of the detailed work. I also rely on her for new ideas and even the use of new textiles.

The original silk thread artwork that we make is unique – but it is also customizable! If you like a certain artwork but you rather it have a yellow background instead of a white one, let me know. If you prefer the woman to be wearing a red dress or the man to have a purple hat – anything you want, we can do!

How it works AND, check out Yeb’s custom silk thread portraits, below…

Yeb 58 – NEW! Yeb 59 – NEW! Yeb 60 – NEW!
Yeb 61 – NEW! Yeb 62 – NEW! Yeb 63 – NEW!
Yeb 64 – NEW! Yeb 65 – NEW! Yeb 66 – NEW!
Yeb 01 Yeb 02 Yeb 03
 Yeb 1  Yeb 2  Yeb 3
Yeb 04 Yeb 05 Yeb 06
 Yeb 4  Yeb 5  Yeb 6
Yeb 07 Yeb 08 Yeb 09
 Yeb 7   Yeb 8   Yeb 9
Yeb 10 Yeb 19 Yeb 18
  Yeb 10   Yeb 19   Yeb 18
Yeb 11 Yeb 12 Yeb 13
  Yeb 11   Yeb 12   Yeb 13
 Yeb 14  Yeb 15  Yeb 16
  Yeb 14   Yeb 15   Yeb 16
Yeb 17 Yeb 20 Yeb 21
 Yeb 17  Yeb 20  Yeb 21
Yeb 41 Yeb 35 Yeb 33
 Yeb 41  Yeb 35  Yeb 33
Yeb 42 yeb 43 Yeb 44
 Yeb 42  Yeb 43  Yeb 44
Yeb 45 Yeb 46 Yeb 47
  Yeb 45   Yeb 46   Yeb 47
Yeb 48 Yeb 49 Yeb 50
  Yeb 48   Yeb 49   Yeb 50
Yeb 51 Yeb 52 Yeb 53
  Yeb 51   Yeb 52   Yeb 53
Yeb 54 Yeb 55 Yeb 56
Yeb 54 Yeb 55 Yeb 56
Yeb 57    
Yeb 57  Yeb 67  Custom Portrait of Liz
Custom Portrait of Grandchild 1 Custom Portrait of Grandchild 2  Custom portrait of TJ’s parents
Custom Name: Amonimah Custom Name: Agyemang Custom Name: Michael
Custom Order: Zebra Custom Order: Clarinet Player
Interestingly, this is a modified
version of Yeb 56, above!
Before and After
< – – Click the image
Custom Portraits by Yeb
Customized to your specifications,
with your photo!
Interested? Contact me!

How to Purchase Original Yeb Silk Thread Artwork:

I have tried to make the process as easy as possible by allowing you to choose the artwork that is perfect for you – and having this artwork made specifically for you! Your customized artwork will be made by Yeb and his family in Ghana and shipped to me here in Florida – and then forwarded to you. The whole process takes 3-6 weeks, depending on where we are on the orders made by others.

The size of Silk Thread Artwork is ‘poster size’:
Horizontal pieces are 3′ wide x 2′ tall – Vertical pieces are 2′ wide x 3′ tall

$650 each – I will ask for a 50% deposit

Prices above include the cost of shipping from Ghana to me in Florida, and from me to you – domestic USA only! These prices are not for custom artwork. Custom artwork can be discussed by email or phone only as each size and content is unique so prices will vary.

Outside of USA: Because of the size of the silk thread artwork, I cannot ship internationally for the prices quoted above. I’ll be glad to ship anywhere in the world but will have to ask you for international shipping costs in advance. I can provide these prices as needed.

liz-before-and-after* CUSTOM SILK THREAD ART – Your high-resolution image – Your color scheme! Prices vary depending on size and complexity. Let’s work together – you, me, and Yeb – and come up with the most beautiful and creative customized artwork imaginable! How to start? Send me a high res-image! Please contact me or use – to learn more. See the ‘before and after’ sample just above to see how it works!

The Process:

Choose the Yeb or Yebs that you desire – note the numbers ie. YEB 6, YEB 14… and contact me at: – or fill out the Contact Form, and I’ll be back in touch with you. Let me know what you have chosen. I will ask you for a 50% deposit per Yeb chosen.

On confirmation of deposit, Yeb will begin working on your custom silk thread artwork. It will take from 3-6 weeks. Once completed he will send your artwork to me in Florida. Once I receive your artwork I will ask you for the balance we have agreed on. On confirmation of payment, I will ship to you your beautiful artwork! Simple!

It’s a process, I know. However, Yeb and I do this a lot – I will keep you posted every step of the way. To date, 282 pieces shipped – Sept 2016. Update: 562 pieces have shipped – Nov 2022.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me and I’ll get right back to you!