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AFRICA: Look at what is happening in Italy, Spain and the US - You are next - it is coming! But at least you can see the possible devastation before it happens to you. Be smart! Start following the rules now! Please don't head down the path that we are heading - in our countries hundreds, even thousands of people are dying every day. I'm afraid for you.

If you think you are going to somehow avoid this - you are wrong! Please. In this time of Coronavirus, take every precaution you can, and do us all a favor and stay home. There's only one way to beat this thing and that is to decrease transmission. It's a sacrifice we all have to make. Make that sacrifice today to save lives tomorrow. This is a heads-up from Inside African Art - I have a lot of family and friends in Africa that I love. Be smart and safe!


Here's the hard part: DO NOT be in groups - that means church, funerals, weddings - do not be near other people. This is critical! I know Kenyans, I know how much you love to visit and socialize and eat nyama choma and drink tea (and beer) together. But this is not the time to do that. This is the time to shop: Buy enough food for at least one month. Buy Jik for sanitizing, and soap (for clothes, hands and body), and ugali flour and rice, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and masks if you can find them - and everything else you need - and go inside your home, lock your door, and don't let anyone in - not your sister, not your best friend, and don't leave for as long as possible. Its terrible, it's sad and depressing, but it has to be done. Set the example. Be the ones that live. Spread the word. Learn More...

Special 20th Year Online Holiday Sale is ON NOW!

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Holiday Sale 2019
  • This sale does not include YEB Silk Art or Blue Rhino maps (they're not really paintings)

“The darkest thing about Africa has always been our ignorance of it”  
George H. T. Kimble, from the book Inside Africa

Established in 1999, Inside African Art is the Online Home of Original African Paintings


The Only 100% Oil on Canvas Artist - the Highest Quality Original Paintings!

Featured Artists

Joel Ngoko

"I have sold many of my wildlife paintings to so many parts of the world since I started my career as an artist. I believe my wildlife paintings are among the most attractive to many of my customers. As a specialized artist I have traveled widely in Kenya’s wildlife reserves. Art is a great challenge!"

See Joel Ngoko's Paintings


Nothing says 'Tanzania' more than the exquisite beauty of TingaTinga art. Artists span from Daudi, the son of the Edward, the father of TingaTinga, to many of the artists from the UK TV show TingaTinga Tales.

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YEB - Silk Thread Art

Our 18th Anniversary Special is going on now! Special pricing is in effect for the month of October! See the discount and how to take advantage of these incredible prices, for incredible original silk thread art!

See the wonder of Yeb!

What? A New Website?

Inside African Art's website platform for the past 17 years became obsolete. This forced me to build a new website - this one. Rest assured that IAA is still run by the same people and in the same way - it's just a different look!

About Inside African Art...

The Artists

Since the inception of this website in 1999, Inside African Art has been devoted to the promotion, exposure and marketing the talents of African artists. We showcase their skills while providing them with an alternative income. From you to the artists - via this website.

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Our Philosophy

Simple: Win-Win-Win: You 'Make an Offer' and receive a wonderful original African painting at a reasonable price, the artists receive the financial benefits, and I pocket enough to keep improving this website. Win-Win-Win! 

Our philosophy...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 'Make an Offer'?

Because I lived in East Africa for 20 years, I know of only one way to buy anything – the African way, by bartering – no fixed prices! I came up with this idea and incorporated it into my website in 1999, as a great way to engage the audience, as well as have you actually think about the value of the paintings – to yourself, as well as the artists who created them. We all look at art differently! Read more about 'Making an Offer'.

Where are you? How long will a painting take to get to me?

Well, we're no longer based in Nairobi, Kenya. Me and my people recently moved to just outside of Orlando, FL, USA. The paintings you see on this website are here with us. On confirmation of payment I zip them over to the post office, usually the next business day, and they are on their way to you - wherever you are. I've shipped over 4,000 paintings to practically every country on the planet and (knock on wood), have yet to lose even one painting.

How do the artists benefit?

My family and I travel quite a bit to and from Kenya to visit family and friends. Every trip we take is also a business venture as our days are filled with visiting with artists, catching up, drinking tea (or a beer), and exploring their latest artistic creations. By the end of the day, I have a some fantastic paintings and the artists have some some funds to put food on the table of their family, pay for school and medical fees, and ensure there's a roof over their heads. Some of the artists on this website I've known for more than 25 years! In that time some of the artists have unfortunately passed away (Shiundu, Thairu, Mbugua, Kolii Paul), while others have thrived and continue to nurture their passion. It is our mission to continue to support these artists through it all, and as their skills evolve. 

Can I request a custom painting?

Absolutely! Since I am in touch with many of the artists frequently, I can request a custom painting per your specifications. Artists like N'gan'ga Ndeveni, Patrick Kinuthia and Martin Bulinya specialize in this type of thing and have fulfilled many special orders. As well, Yeb can create just about anything from a photo, especially incredible portraits in silk thread. It never hurts to inquire - you never know! Go to each of their pages to see an example!

Paintings Representing All Genres

8970_Noel_20x20cmThere's no painting style as vibrant and dynamic as a TingaTinga painting. Painted with high-gloss oils usually used on bicycles, TingaTinga paintings are bold and vivid, reflecting both the artists and life in Tanzania. We are overflowing with TingaTinga paintings, with over 100 in stock. Check them out!

Bulinya 4247Art reflects culture, but it also can reflect emotion! If someone asked you to paint a picture of say, joy, how would you even begin? Characterized Maasai women dancing without inhibition to the beat of music only they can hear. The paintings of prolific artist Martin Bulinya reflect true joy as well as many other emotions. Have a look!

Thiongo - Cheetah ColorsThere is no more challenging media to paint with than watercolors. Staining, washing, masking - so many techniques. And then there is the blending of colors - and contending with white - the total lack of color. Premier artist Joseph Thiongo is a master, and stands as probably the most skilled watercolor artist today. See Thiongo's paintings... 

Ndwiga - Rogue Male ElephantA test of observation and painting prowess, it's difficult not to consider realistic wildlife painting a true challenge. Spending days in the Maasai Mara merely to observe and sketch in an effort to refine their skills. Oil painting artist like Joel Ngoko and acrylic artist Wycliffe Ndwiga are some of the best.

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