Calling All Artists

Chances are you contacted me by email and I asked you to visit this page. Welcome, please read on…

Would you like to have your artwork on Inside African Art?

Ndeveni - Ahemed Enjoyed Armed Protection

Ng’ang’a Ndeveni uses acrylics on paper and paints realistic wildlife and landscapes with precision!

Our mission is the exposure and marketing of the original paintings of African artists. On the Internet for 17 years and with over 4,000 paintings sold, Inside African Art is the most established and popular website on the Internet for this type of marketing.


We receive many requests from artists to be on Inside African Art. To be honest, we have not had a logical plan of action as to how to handle these requests because the logistics of having the paintings, selling the paintings, and shipping the paintings, have always been mired in trust issues.

[pullquote-right] “It seems that the word has really gotten around that Inside African Art is the #1 website for artists to have their artwork seen around the world”[/pullquote-right]

For example: If an artist (like you), has a painting that you would like to market on Inside African Art – how do we sell it? Do we post on the website an image of the painting only – and when it sells then trust the artist to send the painting to the customer from Africa? And when does the artist get paid – after the customer receives the painting? How do we know when the customer receives the painting? Do we trust the customer to tell us that they have received the painting? And what if they don’t receive the painting, or they refuse to tell us that they have? And if we pay the artist when the customer buys the painting – how do we trust the artist will ship the painting? Hey! Too may questions – too much to consider! We have concluded that to keep all parties honest, and to ensure everyone benefits properly…

Have-you-created-your-marketing-plan-800x400We have developed this simple Artists Marketing Plan:

  1. Ship to us by EMS post or however you prefer, from 3 to 6 paintings. These paintings will not be returned. They will be on the website until they have all been sold. If we have success, we will request more! Mailing address is below.
  2. Send to us by email a simple biography and a nice photo of yourself.
  3. Once we receive your paintings, bio, and photo, we will then agree on a price to market your paintings on Inside African Art.
  4. We will photograph your paintings and put them in a gallery on our website, along with your personal photo and biography. We will feature and market your paintings as best we can, as we do all of the artists on the website.
  5. Once a painting has been sold, we will send to you by Moneygram half of the amount of the final sale. Since you shipped the paintings to us at your cost, we will ship the paintings to the customer at our cost. As well, we will cover all Moneygram fees.
Massiq - Maasai Gathering

Massiq – A wonderful surreal/impressionistic artist looking for an audience. Possibly like you?

Considerations to keep in mind:

  1. If you have an artwork that we think will sell on our website for $200, but you think it should sell on our website for $600, we will not work well together. We must both have reasonable expectations keeping in mind that paintings are priced to sell, not sit.
  2. In the case as above, we may trust your judgement, compromise, and place the value of your painting at say, $500. If it sells, you will receive $250. If after some time it does not sell we will reduce the price incrementally.
  3. Paintings on Inside African Art do not have fixed prices. You will have to trust that we are doing our best to negotiate for the best price for your paintings given the marketing price we agree on. After all, it is the philosophy of this website that we have a win-win-win relationship with this website, you, and the customer.
  4. All paintings received must be on a skill level to those that are currently on Inside African Art. Take a good look through the website, these are your peers. If your paintings are of this quality, then you qualify! However, if you still have a way to go before you are of this quality, please do not send your paintings. Be honest with yourself, and with us.
  5. Unless we make an agreement in advance, paintings must be paintings – Acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, silk thread, and mixed media – on paper, canvas, hardboard even leather are good. Carvings, sculptures, weavings, textiles, bronzes, mud cloth or anything else that can’t be framed and put on a wall are not paintings.

Questions? Please ask!

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    Postal Address – Mail your paintings to (exactly like this):

    Todd Schaffer
    c/o Inside African Art
    237 Summerwood Trail
    Maitland, FL 32751

    • Pack and address your paintings carefully!
    • Cost of shipping is up to you
    • Ship preferably in a tube
    • DO NOT fold paintings!
    • Get a shipping/tracking number when possible
    • Inside African Art is not responsible for damaged or lost paintings