Straddled by Zack to my right and his brother Robert Aswani to my left – and quite honored to be among such talented artists

Zak is the brother to Inside African Art artist Robert Aswani.

Together we met at the Yaya Center in Nairobi, Kenya, in January 2013. It was the second time I had met Zak – the first was outside of the Gallery Watatu many years ago – I bought one painting from him them. But on this day I bought these five (not all below because four were previously sold).

Zack employs the use of texture in both the heavy acrylics as well as effectively using crushed egg shells to create a tactile third dimension. Fantastic luminosity is achieved in these paintings, with light dancing off the textures from different angles. All of Zak’s paintings look like they have some sort of clear-coat, giving them a wondrous shine.

I am currently inquiring about some biographical information and will update this page on arrival.

 Zack - Maasai Wedding 2 Title: Maasai Wedding II
Dimensions: 29″ x 26″ (74 x 66cm)
Medium: Textured acrylic with eggshell on paper

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