make an offer - a concept often copied (stolen) by other websites, but started right here

brandoIn 1999 I create, this website. It was the fulfillment of a dream I had ever since I started collecting original African paintings when I first moved to Kenya in 1989. I had so many paintings and met so many artists who were looking for some way, any way, to get exposure and promotion of their artwork. At that time there were no websites in the Internet that were marketing original African paintings – solely paintings (not art in general).

Because I lived in Africa for a decade by that time, I knew only one way to buy anything – the African way, by bartering – no fixed prices. I incorporated this idea into my website as a way to engage the audience as well as have them actually think about the value of the paintings – to them and the artists.

After 17 years I have come to the conclusion that people interested in original African art are thoughtful in their purchasing. 99% of the time I receive a reasonable offer for what is perceived to be the value of the painting. These offers are always appreciated and almost always accepted.

The 1% who make unreasonable offers well, if they’re serious they usually come around.

I enjoy the bargaining too! So go ahead, choose a painting or paintings and Make an Offer!
Hint: The more paintings you choose, the more leverage you have!