Welcome to the NEW Inside African Art!

This was going to be the homepage, but I was told it’s too wordy. That said, what I wrote is important to me, and possibly interesting to you:

When we started it there was no other website marketing original paintings from Africa. Now, there are plenty as the interested in original African paintings increases. This website a project run by three people, Todd Schaffer and his wife Liz, as well as Liz’s sister Sarah. All of us travel to and from Kenya and the US, shuttling paintings and trying to be as creative and fluid as we can. We have one thing in mind: The promotion and exposure of contemporary original fine arts by African artists.

Contemporary African paintings are less well known than African artifacts and traditional crafts, and there is little exposure and availability of this type of artwork either in galleries or on the internet. Yes, there are plenty of mass-produced artworks, African crafts, and Afri-kitch available, but finding an original African painting at a reasonable price is next to impossible – and it shouldn’t be!

There is an abundance of incredibly talented artists in Africa who need a forum to promote their paintings and to show the world what they have to offer. Presently we are showcasing the artists of East Africa – primarily those of Kenya.

The majority of the paintings displayed in the website have been purchased either directly from the artists themselves with whom we have formed personal relationships, or through various galleries in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya – and are now in the U.S.A. for quick delivery.

Below: With good friends and truly talented artists – many with whom I have been associated with for more than 20 years!

It’s our goal to keep the website fluid, topical, and on the pulse of the contemporary original African paintings scene. As well, I want to ensure that the artists themselves are reaping the benefits of world-wide exposure and promotion. We have instant access to nearly all of the artists in Kenya allowing us to keep refreshing the website with new paintings!

In life it’s not often that there is a ‘Win-Win-Win’ scenario – but we can make it happen here! You win because you receive a beautiful original painting from an Africa artist at a reasonable price, the artists win because using their skills and talent to make money and provide security (shelter, food, medicine, schooling), for their family is what they live for – ultimately they are the biggest winners. And I win because the small profit I make from the sale of paintings maintains this website by providing funds for the purchase of more paintings from more African artists, hosting services, website upgrades and shipping supplies. Win-Win-Win!